Tuesday, 21 January 2014

New Year: My Resolution: Invest in MYSELF!!

Good Day!!

First off, I must apologize for my being away for so long! My sabbatical was a little longer than I expected; but as with most things, it is important to take the necessary time to make lasting changes. Nonetheless, I want to send my Christmas regards for the yuletide season and wish for everyone to have a wonderful, prosperous and GREEN trading 2014!!!

I spent the last six months reflecting on all the positives and negatives of my short time of live trading in 2013; somewhat analyzing aspects of my trading plan and also-simply not even trading. I took a couple of trips; a Caribbean cruise with my girlfriend in September, and a trip to Abaco, Bahamas (I'm saying that like I'm not from the Bahamas--I live on New Providence, commonly called Nassau) in November.
 Repping the 242 all day!!!!

I started paper trading in late November to simply get back in the swing of things- I lost quite a bit of the funds I had in my existing demo account; but that was OK; as it was expected. On top of that, my expanded work portfolio helped me keep my mind off of my personal trading account. I spent my time dealing with my clients and their portfolios, so I was never too far from the market.

More important than that, I made up my mind that before I went back in the market, I would invest in my trading education. I must admit that I wasn't initially fond of the idea, however, after loosing almost all of my capital on my first two attempts in the market made the stark realization that I had to invest in my trading education easier to do... Think about it for a minute, when you have already spent money obtaining the brutal market tuition (the amount is relative in market education) i.e. losses in the market, investing in your trading education with a REPUTABLE person or company before taking the plunge back in the market makes-more economical sense. It, if the training is excellent (as well as if you work hard and study the information being passed on) will give you a greater chance of being successful in the market. I have certain vices (I don' want to reveal them here lol) but loosing money in the stock market is CERTAINLY NOT one of them!!

 I battled back and forth on where to get this education... I searched the web for individuals that could assist in this endeavor. I narrowed down my search to two companies. I'm not going to disclose just yet which company/entity won out. Just recently, I purchased the program...... I invested in my trading education. I've done the course and I'm going to review and review and do it again (its a one time fee..lol I'm not THAT crazy!!). Before doing the course I have been working on setting up a trading plan that REALLY allows me to trade and understand the market. I can see the course paying off as I'm seeing the things that were mentioned in it on the charts and I have been able to put things learnt into play in my trading.  I'm still not live yet, but I will be in a few weeks.

Here are three trades I took today. These were straight from the course:
I got in the red circle ( I don't like snipping tool, I prefer PicPick, so I will be downloading that again!!) and got out in the blue circle. I understood the play from start to finish!!

Here's another one:
I got in on the blue circle and sold in the red one.

One more:

This is another one. Just a different type of play. I nailed the rebound. I took all of those later in the morning because I got in the office a little late.

I feel confident after those 3 trades, but I know that my work is not done. Like I mentioned earlier, I going to review, review and re-do the course. I will keep posting on my progress. Hopefully, my post inspires any readers I may have to do the same and invest in your trading education. Trust me, you don't want to simply waste (and loose) money in the market; take the time and invest in yourself!!! if you choose a great company/person, the money spent will be regained in a short time!!

Until my next post, be good people and invest in yourself! Here's one more Christmas stock pic. I think this is hilarious:

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