Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Out of the Dark

I've been missing for some time now. I didn't go into seclusion, but it sure felt that way. My schedule for most of the last two weeks (coupled with tech difficulties) didn't allow me to post all my trades the way I would normally do. I posted the transaction history as it had everything one needs when placing trades; as well as it could be used for revision. All one would have to do if they were following my trades would be to plot the various entries and exits for the stocks i traded on the respective charts for those days.

No need to ramble on. My trading week didn't start the way i anticipated. I lost big on Monday (I think) and I lost a little yesterday. You will be able to find the transaction history for those trades further down in this post. On to today's activity. I took three trades (two on HA and the other on ORMP). I won on the second trade in HA and the first attempt in ORMP.

My first play in HA was on the long side. The stock was up yesterday; it closed strong. I like the close yesterday as I figured the momentum would carry over today and allow the stock to start the gap filling process. The first bar was red; something I expected after the strong close yesterday. I got in after the initial move down and after the stock started to gear up a little. the move started well but it didn't last as the  stock  failed to make higher highs. The stock hit my stop so I  was taken out of the trade.

My next trade was to the play the breakdown of 21.60. I got out at 21.52. That happened in such a way because I want prepared to take the trade on the downside and the stock started to grind and consolidate. As such i closed the trade with the small realized profit.

I traded ORMP to the downside. the stock was up over 8% the previous day. It was was prime short candidate. I got in using the two minute time frame and rode it for a nice gain.

All in all, it wasn't a bad day. I have been trading sloppily on the forex front. I was taking too many trades and entering the positions terribly. I'm in a trade now (oil-us) that is making bank so hopefully it continues to move. I  have a target at 55. so we will see how it goes.

As promised, here is the transaction history for tuesday, March 24, 2015:

Happy trading to everyone!!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Wacky Week

In a nutshell, my trading week (last week) was a roller coaster. I made profits and losses that essentially washed out, with me only loosing capital on commissions. Long story short; it wasn't the best, nor was it the worst trading. Because of tech glitches, I wasn't able to screenshot the charts of the trades. I did however take a screenshot of the transaction history. It doesn't show the commission charged but it shows the trades with the profit and loss.

Shown below is the screenshot:

I'm still holding one forex position. I also did some smaller trades last night when the market opened. Those transactions are shown below:

Monday, 16 March 2015

1:1-Up and Down

Friday the 13th wasn't good for me in the markets. I lost money; not a lot, but enough for me to throw myself into anything else over the weekend. I had a tech difficulty so I wast able to post my trades for Friday either. I will work on getting them up sometime this week. I took two trades today; both on Pandora. The first one was placed through my phone. I didn't watch for a proper entry and I got got burned. I went back in shortly after i got back to the office. I played for a break to the downside of the 15.70 level. I got out after it looked like the price couldn't hold the lower level; only to watch a few minutes later that it did indeed go lower, only if for a short time.
Below is my forex update. I sold off a few units of each position on Friday afternoon just to lock in some of that good fake profit.

 Shown here are the transactions from Friday:

Let's see how it goes tomorrow.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Not Good At All

Today was probably my trading day EVER. I definitely wasn't in tune with the market at all. Couple that with the fact that I over traded my butt off and you can obviously see why this day needs to be over quickly! No need for further explanation; here are the charts:

Here is the forex update:
Will see what happens tomorrow...well later today, as I am writing this (Thursday's) post Friday morning.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

1-1:Liking The Process

Today didn't start the way I expected to. I got into a fender bender this morning and missed at least the first 90 minutes of trading. I thought about shutting it down before I even got started, but after looking at a few charts off of my watch list, I decided to go in. I took two trades (one in AKS and DAL) today, loosing on AKS and winning on DAL. Sometimes its best to sit it out when things happen that may inevitably impair your normal train of thought.

I was playing for the break of 3.90 in AKS. I missed the entry, but I got in because I felt the stock would've continued down.  It didn't, so I got out quickly.

DAL had made a few lower highs. coupled with that was the fact that the stock ran up significantly this morning. I played for the break of 44.20; thinking that if it caught momentum, it could get to 42.50. I got in at 44.20 and held it to 44. I didn't get as much as I wanted to but it was a good trade overall.

Here is my forex update: Things are going quite well for me on the forex front. I'm looking to increase my holdings in that account.

Hopefully I can keep this going!!!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Still Going

SO here's the deal... I took one trade today. I shorted GPRE on the break of 28.60. the stock gapped up yesterday so I expected the stock to washout out in  the morning. It did just that and I as able to get into a trade. I covered  as the stock started to grind a little higher.
All in all, it was a good trade. I was prepared to sit on my hands as I didn't like the price action on the stock prior to trading the stock. Luckily I spotted the trading setup and was able to get in at a good entry point.

Here is my forex update for the day:
Once again, it was a good day. Hope I can keep it up tomorrow!!

Pull The Reigns

Late post for yesterday: i had a few tech glitches with my computer yesterday so i wasnt able to post this yesterday. Here it is:

Short post today guys; I took one trade... I traded CZR; I took a short position after it gapped down. I went short at 9.26 anticipating the breakdown. It broke, but it didn't go too far. I got out as the stock looked like it was grinding higher.

After making a profit, I basically shut it down as none of my other stocks made a move. When I did look at the stock again, it was grinding higher around 9.40. I didn't go back in  as I'd felt that the best entry point had passed already. Here is the chart of CZR today: 

I didnt get  a chance to update my forex position yesterday so here is it as of 9:50 this morning:

Will see what happens later today!