Monday, 16 March 2015

1:1-Up and Down

Friday the 13th wasn't good for me in the markets. I lost money; not a lot, but enough for me to throw myself into anything else over the weekend. I had a tech difficulty so I wast able to post my trades for Friday either. I will work on getting them up sometime this week. I took two trades today; both on Pandora. The first one was placed through my phone. I didn't watch for a proper entry and I got got burned. I went back in shortly after i got back to the office. I played for a break to the downside of the 15.70 level. I got out after it looked like the price couldn't hold the lower level; only to watch a few minutes later that it did indeed go lower, only if for a short time.
Below is my forex update. I sold off a few units of each position on Friday afternoon just to lock in some of that good fake profit.

 Shown here are the transactions from Friday:

Let's see how it goes tomorrow.

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