Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Out of the Dark

I've been missing for some time now. I didn't go into seclusion, but it sure felt that way. My schedule for most of the last two weeks (coupled with tech difficulties) didn't allow me to post all my trades the way I would normally do. I posted the transaction history as it had everything one needs when placing trades; as well as it could be used for revision. All one would have to do if they were following my trades would be to plot the various entries and exits for the stocks i traded on the respective charts for those days.

No need to ramble on. My trading week didn't start the way i anticipated. I lost big on Monday (I think) and I lost a little yesterday. You will be able to find the transaction history for those trades further down in this post. On to today's activity. I took three trades (two on HA and the other on ORMP). I won on the second trade in HA and the first attempt in ORMP.

My first play in HA was on the long side. The stock was up yesterday; it closed strong. I like the close yesterday as I figured the momentum would carry over today and allow the stock to start the gap filling process. The first bar was red; something I expected after the strong close yesterday. I got in after the initial move down and after the stock started to gear up a little. the move started well but it didn't last as the  stock  failed to make higher highs. The stock hit my stop so I  was taken out of the trade.

My next trade was to the play the breakdown of 21.60. I got out at 21.52. That happened in such a way because I want prepared to take the trade on the downside and the stock started to grind and consolidate. As such i closed the trade with the small realized profit.

I traded ORMP to the downside. the stock was up over 8% the previous day. It was was prime short candidate. I got in using the two minute time frame and rode it for a nice gain.

All in all, it wasn't a bad day. I have been trading sloppily on the forex front. I was taking too many trades and entering the positions terribly. I'm in a trade now (oil-us) that is making bank so hopefully it continues to move. I  have a target at 55. so we will see how it goes.

As promised, here is the transaction history for tuesday, March 24, 2015:

Happy trading to everyone!!

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