Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Pull The Reigns

Late post for yesterday: i had a few tech glitches with my computer yesterday so i wasnt able to post this yesterday. Here it is:

Short post today guys; I took one trade... I traded CZR; I took a short position after it gapped down. I went short at 9.26 anticipating the breakdown. It broke, but it didn't go too far. I got out as the stock looked like it was grinding higher.

After making a profit, I basically shut it down as none of my other stocks made a move. When I did look at the stock again, it was grinding higher around 9.40. I didn't go back in  as I'd felt that the best entry point had passed already. Here is the chart of CZR today: 

I didnt get  a chance to update my forex position yesterday so here is it as of 9:50 this morning:

Will see what happens later today!

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