Thursday, 27 March 2014

Back At It!!

Well today didn't go as planned as it relates to me taking profits out of the market. I was red on the day; while that is not a good thing, my losses didn't take me out of the game. I made a few mistakes that I shouldn't have, but my losses were manageable. I over traded KERX and it cost me (1 wins, 3 losses). I had one good win SCS; a short on the breakdown of the 16.40 level.  I didn't trade in the morning as I was rather busy, so I tried to get the afternoon move. Shown below are the trades:

 Tomorrow is another day to trade. I was able to cut my losses early (except the first trade). I am not upset about today's performance, nor am I content. I made some mistakes that could've cost me dearly. I was able to fight through it. I have to really focus but not worry about the losers as much. I will post my watch list for tomorrow in a few. Good luck and happy trading tomorrow!

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