Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Going Live in 3, 2, 1...... Not Just Yet!!

What's up everyone! The time has come for me to put my training to the test...in real time (the paper trading was real time by the way) with real cash and emotions being in the equation. After completing all paperwork and jumping through all the hurdles placed in front of me, I knew for sure that I was ready.. That's until I discovered a tech glitch that is keeping me out of the market! I am waiting on my tech guy to get that resolved so that I can not only put the knowledge I gained from my trading education to task, but to make better trades and trading decisions; and heck, make some money!

As promised, I will post my results here-it may be a link to tradervue as well as a link to my page at profit.ly. I will definitely post my reflections of all trades taken for that particular trading day. I may continue to post the pics of the trades taken-I'm all for leaving the office before 4:45 pm-so we will see about the pics.

I will also post my watch list for the upcoming day. This is ground breaking opportunity to disclose my trading strategy while I am still in the process of  ironing out all of the kinks. Hopefully I will be up and running tomorrow with results to post.

Until tomorrow.............

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