Thursday, 9 May 2013

1-3: Almost Had It

I came in today, not petrified, but ready to get the ball rolling. I had (and still do) a task in the front of me- simply put, my task required me to truly follow my trading plan in its totality. I came out on top, not by much; but its a victory. SPY opened at or near yesterday's close. I decided to trade what I saw, as SPY's location could have led to a chop and fill trading day.
 My entry was good on my STX trade today. I thought it would break down, but it rallied. I took my profit and left. I got greedy-I gambled on NWSA. I wanted to trade it today, but it never set for a good entry (in my books).

Here are the results:

 I have set myself up with a small goal for the remainder of the month of May. My goal is to make .50 ( half a point) per trading session-where applicable until the month is over.

We'll see how it goes.. I didn't make it today, but that's OK...Better luck and more chances will be there tomorrow. Until then.........................

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