Tuesday, 14 May 2013

3-0: Still Kicking And Screaming

OK.....in short, I won on all trades taken today;two small pickings and one big winner (5Rs). The market was rather interesting to say the least. SPY gapped up above yesterday's high. My bias as a result, was long. I couldn't find any good gapping stocks-I was a little slow finding stocks, so I was a little upset. I saw a short in RIO-I took it, but the market was in a strong uptrend-the chances of it following through to was slim. I took another play in TNA. I was up a little, I closed the position by mistake (I placed my stop order at a price lower than the market..). It worked out in my favor as the stock sank shortly after I got out. NSM was the day maker.

Here are the results:

My day is done. I was able to pull my daily quota (and more) out of the market.... Until tomorrow........

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