Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Coming off of the grid

I'm sad at this point. I thought that I wouldn't be at this point again. After performing so poorly the last few weeks, I'm officially pulling the plug on live trading-that is until I can fund my account with enough capital that my overhead doesn't adversely affect my trading capital. Trading small accounts is very difficult. I have to use really tight stops (sometimes I didn't), and you have to be extremely cautious with the trades you take. I didn't do that the last few weeks and I'm suffering right now as a result. I traded today, all losses. Here are the results:

So there you have. My last few trades for a bit. I will continue trading on my demo account. This was once again a learning experience. I feel like I'm almost there- I know how to trade, I do it as my job. For my own account, I'm simply not getting it-but I feel like I'm right there.I feel the process working, but the results are not showing. I'm going to use this time to refine my skills and try to get the results to match my process, and progress. Until that time, see you guys later. I will still post trades-ones done on my demo account (all, not just the good ones lol).

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