Monday, 8 April 2013

1-6: There's Blood On The Streets!!!!!!

Friday was a very interesting day. Spy gapped almost 1.5% on terrible job numbers (number not important). Armed with this information, my bias for the day was SHORT. I made quite a bit of mistakes today. Here's a breakdown of my mistakes:
  • I overtraded
  • I failed to follow my trading plan
  • I allowed external forces affect my ability to focus on my trading
I placed seven (7) round trip trades today. That's quite a few trades for someone that seeks to trade gaps. I didn't engage in revenge trading, but it sure as heck felt that way. I tried to trade my way out of the little hole that I dug myself with a few bad trades-I traded stocks that had setups that I thought would be profitable. They for the most part didn't work out.

Friday's market action was sloppy and choppy to say the least. I flat out failed to take that into consideration. As a result, I had a down day filled with not so stellar entries.

I'm posting this on Monday because I had an engagement on Friday to attend. My imaging tool started the weekend a little early so there is no pics to display. Below are my results per trade:

Stock Side P/L

CMS B ($0.05)

EDU SS ($0.40)

ETP B $0.68

GMCR SS ($0.01)

SWI SS ($0.10)

UAL SS ($0.11)

WU SS ($0.08)

Total   ($0.06)

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