Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Day 2/3-No Trades....Am I Afraid To Trade???

Another day, zero trades. This is starting to feel too familiar. Currently it is 2:55 pm ET and I have yet to put a live trade on. Am I upset? A little. Am I worried? Yes and no. I saw a few trades that I could have entered with minimal risk, but for some reason, I refused to pull the trigger-that scares me. In order to be successful in this business, trading with confidence is key. I must admit that the thought of failing again does cross my mind, but it has to maintained. It cannot be eradicated-there will always be the fear of the unknown. I know that I will get a grip the minute I put on a trade; win or loose. I just have to pull the trigger.

I'm not that worried as I have noticed that the selection of tradable setups has gotten better. I noticed the same thing coming to the end of my first attempt at live trading. As my capital dwindled, I got more selective in the stocks and patterns I traded. I'm happy with the stocks I have looked at thus far, as well my trading direction bias. I really can't wait to put my strategy into motion. Good or bad, I will post my results- well I will have to learn how to paste the chart of the stocks traded so for visual picture of what I saw while putting on the trade, as well as to see where the stock went and finished.

Until then.....well until tomorrow folks..................

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