Wednesday, 3 April 2013

April 1, 2013-Not a Good Day For Trading, But a Great Day to Be a Bahamian!!

To cut a long story short, my return to trading didn't start well. I didn't return with great acclamation or fanfare-I didn't even get started. My faux return was only a part of a dreaded start to the day-I got up at 3 because I couldn't sleep, again at 5 to cut my alarm off, and then finally at 6:15 . I got to the office and I couldn't get in; I misplaced my gate card forcing me to trot around the building to get in (not cool!!). When I finally got in, I loaded up the platform only to find out that I couldn't get access to the trading platform (wtf!!).

With no solution to my problem in sight, I left the office disgruntled to attend the last day of the 2013 CARIFTA Games. I had no real interest in attending or watching the games (when you have a significant other, you 'tend' to do things that you really don't want to do!!); I'd prefer to go to the driving range and work on my golf game, or anything else for that matter.

Nonetheless I went, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!!!  Watching those junior athletes represent their respective countries-putting their hearts and bodies (and reputation!!!) on the line; on display for everyone in the stadium and those watching on t.v. or the world wide web put the whole day into perspective for me.

For every winner in a race, or field event, there was a loser. To me, it really didn't matter if an athlete won or lost. The experience gained from being a participant in the games, as well as going through their respective routines made them all winners (I prefer to follow a process; if your process is correct, your execution should match your expectation). I was prepared. I practiced my trading strategy on two demo accounts and I felt as though I was ready. I didn't trade, but I still won!! Why you might ask? Because I was prepared to trade!!

Anyway, enough sappy stuff for my first post. But before I go, I have to congratulate the 2013 Bahamas CARIFTA team!! They finished second in the overall standings, capturing 31 medals-We WHOOPED Jamaica's butt in some highly contested races(Bahamas Weekly)!! Big up yourselves team members, coaches, family members that supported the team and Bahamians in general!! 2014-Something big is gonna happen!!

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