Friday, 26 April 2013

2-6:Horrible Day

Short post here. I made a few good trades today (in terms of entry) that simply didn't turn out the way I expected them to. I got in late, but I felt like I could make something out of the day (i had already missed most of the initial move. Spy gapped lower than yesterday's close, but inside yesterdays trading range. My bias was SHORT, but the market never followed through-we just bounced and yesterday's lows.

Here are the results:

Not a gapping stock, but I figured the stock would follow through after two strong up days.

I got stopped out on this trade. I'm not too upset as no one knows where the stock would head-you cannot see what will happen on the right side of the chart until it happens!!

All in all, I gambled on the second trade in LL-I didn't use the full stop target, I used half and got stopped out. I'm not too upset because you cannot tell what will happen in terms of the stock price until the price is recorded and printed. The use of the full stop would've kept me in the trade, but such is life.

Going to enjoy my weekend and put this loss behind me...I suggest any other trader that lost (or won) today to put this day behind them and:
  1. Go out and have a beer with some friends or
  2. Pick your kids up and do something  fun or
  3. If you must, do both!!!!
Until Monday....

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