Friday, 12 April 2013

First Full Week In The Books!!!

Despite missing one of the best morning sessions to  successfully short the market (that should have been the impetus I needed to simply sit on my hands today and do something else like play golf), I decided to trade. I finished the day in the green (not by much)-I was down early in my first few trades. I was able to get it back after pausing for a bit  and then scouring the market for opportunities to that could be profitable. I'm upset with myself-but let the weekend begin. Here are the results:

I could've stayed in this trade (AU) longer. I got scared and came out -I wanted to lock a profit in to reduce my loss on the day. It was the WRONG MOVE. I had no real sign that indicated that the downward trend was over. I took it upon myself to close it out. Tip; Do not trade with FEAR as your driving factor-you will miss big moves doing that.

My first week back has been very interesting. My goal was not to necessarily come out of the gate taking large profits on every trade I took. My goal was simply to reacquaint myself with the trading platform, get a feel for the market, implement my trading strategy, and to not loose much capital in the process. I did all of the above; with there being times I diverted from my trading strategy (the reason is not important). I must say that while I'm ok with my results thus far (only because I haven't lost all of my capital!!!!). I know that my results will get better as I get more comfortable being in the market-trading on a demo allows you to trade with little emotion because the money lost isn't real.

With all that being said, I'm out to enjoy my weekend.

Until Monday........................

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